Would you like to learn a Ukrainian Language that you have never thought of? You have then come to the right exact location. Here at Ukrainian Academy we work hard each and every single day to strive to help students learn the language they can use when in a different country and in certain places in the U.S.A and places around the world.

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My name is Christian M. Holtz and I will be your instructor and tutor throughout the whole entire session (s) throughout each unit and course studies. I was born in the Village of Lozky, District Of Poltava Ukraine. I have tons of experience and knowledge about Ukraine. I was adopted at age 4 years old and moved to The United States Of America. I grew up and now 15 years later after moving from Ukraine to The United States I now want to help students learn and grow with there Ukrainian language and culture skills. I graduated from Waukee High School at and earned my High School Diploma. I have done more projects during High School and Middle school years on Ukraine than any other country.


The links below will take you directly to a page where you will be able to pay for your tuition. Also please pay in order from start to finish starting with Unit 1 that way I can keep track of which lesson you are on. Please do not hesitate to ask me any question by emailing me, texting, or calling me.